A team, individual, local agents operating statewide. Growing! Individual  conjunction agents accessed from the city and rural environments, trained farmers selling farms, city dwellers selling city and in between…..

We as a team at PSRE “embrace” your local agents and “encourage” cooperation on an equal basis to involve the PSRE team and “EVOKE” benefits, avenues never accessed before. PSRE works with your local agents on a conjunction basis to add strength to your selling process.

Thank you for listening, now its our turn to listen to you. Please support your local community, support your local surroundings, protect your assets and your future communities well being. The days of “it will be alright mate” are fast disappearing. We at PSRE hope otherwise and will work diligently to maintain the cooperation between vendor and agent and agent to agent and more importantly an open, honest relationship built on trust. We encourage; respecting our environment and acknowledge our “FIRST PEOPLE” and it’s original owners!  RESPECT  our land and our Environment & it’s inhabitants, and remember the first real Australians  used fire to protect our native grasses and creatures for centuries. If it worked for them maybe as a nation we should “LISTEN MORE CAREFULLY”  BEEN GREEN CAN HAVE  ISSUES FOR THE FUTURE PROTECTION OF BOTH MANKIND & IT”S CREATURES”.  COUNTRY PEOPLE KNOW THEIR LAND. MAKE SURE THE POWER IS IN THEIR CONTROL  NOT IN SOME BIG BUILDING KILOMETRES AWAY. DECENTRALISE, ENCOURAGE VOLUNTEERS. BRING BACK THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. OUR MOTTO is as follows .                         PSRE “BRINGING CITY COUNTRY CLOSER TOGETHER” .  PS “THAT doesn’t mean the city understands  completely the country or the reverse” . Please support each other and give the bush areas the tools and rules of Engagement” Like the old days;”Every farm had to plough 2 wide around both sides of a boundary paddock”. Maybe city bush folk should do the same for starters?Should we have large bush tracks with no  larger but different style breaks? The answers to all these problems lies in the Lack of Standards.whether  in the fire fighting  industry or any other industry? And follow up by strong authority.People on the ground  making sure rules are followed up and not in some big building million miles away?