A team, individual, local agents operating statewide. Growing! Individual¬† conjunction agents accessed from the city and rural environments, trained farmers selling farms, city dwellers selling city and in between……

Country People need Governments to listen to them.Show short term and Long Term planning invested with strong genuine authority.

We as a team at PSRE “embrace” your local agents and “encourage” cooperation on an equal basis to involve the PSRE team and “EVOKE” benefits, avenues never accessed before.However we need the powers of; to act and look at the Rural Areas of Australia.Environmental as well. Small ruarl communities can thrive if supported by government redirecting selected industries there way.

Isolation doesn’t mean you can neglect their concerns.¬† We, also as a group of country agents urge our city cousins to listen to our voice as presently many country people feel abandoned.

STRONG VOICES BACKED BY GOOD PLANNING FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE showing strong ideas implemented for any future adverse Environmental CHANGES. Handing $ out is not the answer but strong FUTURE PLANNING IS! Small country Rural Towns need to form Banks or funds where money raised goes into a deposit fund for future benefit directly to each town.

Thank you for listening, now its our turn to listen to you. Please support your local community, support your local surroundings, protect your assets and your future communities well being. The days of “it will be alright mate” are fast disappearing. We at PSRE hope otherwise and will work diligently to maintain the cooperation between vendor and agent and agent to agent and more importantly an open, honest relationship built on trust. We encourage; respecting our environment and acknowledge our “FIRST PEOPLE” and it’s original owners!¬† PSRE “BRINGING CITY COUNTRY CLOSER TOGETHER”